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Pentecost 2021

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UPDATE The Charismatic Leaders Fellowship is going to be live-streamed May 20 from 3 PM EDT to May 21 2:59 PM EDT in the ecumenical nine days of pre-Pentecost prayer to the Holy Spirit through CMAX.TV! There will be a reflection led by our chairman, Dr. Scott Kelso, a Methodist pastor and theologian. Click here for more information.

The journey to Pentecost 2021 begins on Thursday, May 13 (for Catholics that is Ascension Thursday). Awakening the Domestic Church and CMAX.TV are partnering with nine Christian ministries from around the world, including CLF, to record 9 ecumenical prayer meetings to help everyone prepare for Pentecost.

As well as prayer, the meetings will include topics such as Restoration of Full Communion of the Church and Devotion to the Holy Spirit. The event will conclude in a worldwide Ecumenical Pentecost Vigil.

Click here for a letter from Bob Garrett, providing more details of this online event and instructions for taking part.

Click here for a letter from Scott Kelso, which also includes a focus on funding of the event and an invitation to contribute.

You can also click on the image above to view or download the CMAX.TV flyer.